1. Husbands and Wives, intimacy is so much more than a physical act which begins way before we ever reach the bedroom.
    If you are bumping heads and harboring resentment that’s affecting your intimate time together, talk it out.
    Intimacy is a precious gift from God for our enjoyment. It’s a vulnerable act of worship and no two couples will have the same expectations. Talk to your spouse. Learn their likes and dislikes. Lovemaking is a healthy part of marriage, but just like anything else, it has to be cultivated. — Saidah Washington (www.AProverbsWIfe.com)

  2. This is more than just a statement, it’s a lifestyle achieved by how we conduct ourselves. God didn’t make a mistake when He said, “it is not good for man to be alone”. Man had everything in the world but he didn’t have a wife. We are supposed to be an asset to our husbands. A helper. The one human being on earth that completes him. Yes, completes him!! The woman was taken from the mans body so as a wife we should be so in tune with our husbands that they feel we are a necessary part of their lives. Anyone can cook, clean and provide services for your husband, but only YOU can be his wife. Don’t take your role for granted. Trust and believe, there are women lined up who would love to take your place in your husbands life. Are you your husbands best asset? Are you the apple of his eye or a rotten and bitter companion? Being your husbands best asset is a choice. God says, “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing..” Are you still your husbands “good thing?”

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  3. I absolutely love being married. There are few things I would do differently if I had the chance, but marrying my sweetheart isn’t one of them.

    Our marriage wasn’t always blissful, but once we made a decision to cultivate happiness, things changed. Now just about every day is like a new opportunity to grow deeper in love. When we put away the distraction of arguments, bitterness and discontent, we opened up the door to a deeper love relationship.

    Not only do I have a happy marriage, but many of you do too and you want to help other couples get there. So I asked a question to my friends, and within our A Proverbs Wife Facebook community, and the response was overwhelming.

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  5. Do you strive to encourage versus complain in your marriage? How do you encourage despite marital frustrations, and lack of patience with the situation, etc.?

    I’m an encourager, but I wasn’t always. I had to work at being an encourager, especially in my marriage. Me and six other wives share tips on how we sprinkle our marriages with sweet words of encouragement instead of bitter complaints. Read more on the blog using the link in my bio/profile.

  6. The only thing holding you back from the life God has 4 U is you! #aproverbswife

  8. I’m debt free except for my mortgage and am depending on Gods continued provision to get it paid off in 3 years. It’s been a long journey and today I’m sharing some lifestyle habits that have worked for me.

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  9. Sometimes it can get mentally rough worrying about what people are thinking and saying about you.

    But here’s the thing…God doesn’t want us to be concerned with any of that.

    When we are focused on what people think and say about us over what God says we can’t live our lives to the fullest.

    Let Gods word have the final say in your life.

    Saidah —- www.AProverbsWife.com

  10. Dear JESUS,

    I said I am sinking…BUT You said I will carry you through the sand.

    I said I’m so anxious…BUT You said I will fix everything.

    I said I am weak…BUT You said You will be my STRENGTH!

    I said I am broke…BUT You said I will provide.

    I said I am afraid…BUT You said FEAR NOT I AM GOD.